Person demands dowry in 1 Rupee coins after hearing that PM Modi will make an imp announcement at 12 PM

27, Mar 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

According to all major news channels,Indian PM Modi is to make a major announcement at 12 pm today. This has caused a great panic in the country with people starting guess work about what the announcement could be. Any major announcements in the last 2 years have resulted in people panicking and taking measures to lessen the impact on their lives. Be it GST, Demonetization or any new Cess added to the current taxes. The most bizarre story which Faking News got today is a man demanding dowry to be paid in 1 Rupee coins as he fears that Jaitley may demonetize higher denomination notes.


The story is of Shwetank Srivastava, who has been always concerned about the financial decisions made by the current government. And like many old fashioned Indians, he is also a strong believer in the practice of dowry. So when his Son’s marriage proposal went as per plan, he took a lot of time in cracking up a good dowry deal with the girl’s parents. And today was the day he was to receive the full amount as agreed upon. But Arun Jaitley’s announcement which is scheduled for 12 PM today created havoc in the mind of Shwetank, who immediately called up the bride’s parents and asked them to pay the required amount in 1 Rupee coins. There is a strong fear in his mind that higher denomination notes may be banned and all money received from dowry can go down the drain.

In fact after hearing about Shwetank’s story, many businessmen across the nation were seen approaching beggars, rag pickers, small shops to get their higher denomination notes converted to coins and may be lower denomination notes. Many employees have already taken half day leave as they have to some how to get rid of the high denomination notes before 12 PM today.