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Man who reported someone mimicking Modi on radio was actually listening to ‘Mann Ki Baat’

28, Oct 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Star Plus refused to air comedian Shyam Rangeela’s act, which was recorded for the channel’s reality show because Shyam had imitated Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the act. Reportedly, the video of a mimicked version of PM Modi and Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi (making a guest appearance) has gone viral on the internet but the channel decided to not air it. Now even people are vary of the fact that mimicking the PM may land them into trouble. Many people have started reporting incidents where someone has mimicked the PM so as to help the police nab as many people as possible. Jagdish Malik tried doing the same but made a big mistake in his tryst of earning fame through media. Jagdish who was listening to Mann ki Baat today on radio thought someone is actually mimicking the PM and reported the incident in Bareilly police station.


Jagdish, who has pursued MBA and is a well educated corporate employee has been a staunch follower of Mr. prime Minister. In fact he has been repeatedly conveying it to his friends and colleagues that ‘Acchhe din’ will soon arrive. So when there were rumors that mimicry artists who  were making fun of the PM will be put behind the bars, Jagdish took a challenge to help nab such artists. Today morning, Jagdish was seen doing what he does on every Sunday i.e listening to ‘Mann ki Baat’ on his mobile radio and soon he realized that the voice from other end could be of a mimicry artist. He recorded the voice with the help of another mobile handset and took it to the nearest police station. After thorough investigation, it was arrived upon that it was the PM’s voice and there wasn’t any adulteration.

Many thought that after such an embarrassing incident Jagdish would mellow down and accept defeat in the challenge which he had taken. But to everyone’s surprise he has been watching every comedy show and listening to every radio program to catch hold of PM’s mockers.