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Petrol and diesel prices hiked to encourage Indians to go Gasless: BJP

18, Dec 2016 By RT

New Delhi: A spirited BJP today welcomed the decision to hike the petrol and diesel prices yesterday. The price hike is done to encourage all Indians to go Gasless, the BJP spokesperson said.

Avoid this, Go Gasless!

“The demonetization is announced in November to encourage the citizens to go cashless. Now, the petrol and diesel price hike has been announced to make people go without Gasoline (gas).. This will encourage the billion plus Indians to go gasless. This will great for the environment and will reduce your need to use cash as well”, a BJP spokesperson said.

“Electric trains, battery cars, three wheeled rickshaws, bicycles and of course the horses will become the preferred mode of transport and that is environment friendly. We are a party for this decade and the next.By reducing the carbon footprint, we will improve the health of all Indians as they will get to breathe clean air. For a fitter India, people will support our gasless drive, they aren’t anti-nationals, right?”, the spokesperson asked a  rhetoric question to the Faking News reporter.

When asked if demonetisation had some health benefit too, he said ,”Scientific research has been done before the announcement of demonetization. The billion plus Indians’ health is of paramount importance to this government. That is why, we are giving them a 50 days physical training to walk a few miles to find an ATM with cash and mental training to develop patience and stand in a queue after finding one.”

After explaining this, the leader left with his cavalcade of 10 cars to spread the message of ‘gasless economy’.