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To please both party loyalists and new arrivals, BJP to field 2 candidates each from every constituency in UP

24, Jan 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Lucknow: As more and more dissidents from other political parties join BJP, the party is facing a big dilemma in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Senior leaders in the party spent the last week wondering whether they should reward loyal party workers or give election tickets to new arrivals who came with their own local support. Now the party has finally found a solution by deciding to field 2 candidates from every assembly constituency in the upcoming polls.

Raise your hands if you are getting a BJP ticket
Raise your hands if you are getting a BJP ticket

Changing political parties before every election is a long standing Indian ritual. Every leader who feels sidelined in the party moves to another party where he can easily get the ticket. While every party receives new leaders during this ritual, BJP seems to be the final destination for the bulk of these party hoppers. These party hoppers were stirring discontent among those who have worked for years for BJP but now there seems to be an amicable solution.

“This is the perfect solution, we will give tickets to both, the incoming politicians from other parties and our loyal workers. We are working with the Election commission to get 2 symbols for our candidates. One can have the lotus flower and the other one can have waterlily”, said state BJP president KP Maurya.

When asked whether it will create confusion in the mind of voters, Mr Maurya said ,”What is more important for us, keeping party workers happy or the voting public? We can’t turn away leaders who want to join BJP and we can’t upset our workers, these things are our priority.”

When further pressed and asked if it will hurt BJP’s chances in the upcoming elections, he said ,”What action of ours suggested that we want to win UP elections in the first place?”