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PM Modi applauds engineering and medical students for saving water by not taking bath; Announces scholarships

27, Mar 2016 By Ajayendar Reddy

New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi, today on his regular Mann ki Baat program, applauded engineering and medical students for saving water by not taking a bath every day.

Save water, bath rarely
Save water, bath rarely

India has faced two consecutive droughts over the last two years depleting further the already depleted water resources. Many states are facing extreme water scarcity and during these tough times, PM Modi has recognized the contribution of Engineering and Medical students towards preserving water.

“Water level is going down gradually, we should work to conserve water. Water conservation is something all of us need to work on and everyone should be connected to a People’s Movement to conserve water,” said Modi.

“Ankit from IIT wrote to me saying that saying that Engineering students lead the way in conserving water by taking a bath only when absolutely necessary. He also mentioned how they generally drink even cheap whiskey neat and use water only on special occasions. I am truly impressed by their dedication in conserving water”, Modi said applauding these students.

Further, Modi added, “Kanika from AIIMS wrote that Medical students, including girls, too contribute to conservation of water by not taking baths, often even after dissecting dead bodies. Truly commendable.”

Those letters convinced Modi that Indian youth, especially Engineering and Medical students, are skilled and motivated enough to lead the People’s Movement to conserve water.

So touched was Modi that he announced, on the Mann ki baat program itself, scholarships to all students who conserve water by only taking a bath occasionally. They will also be provided accreditation as Environmental activists.

Modi also said, “Kanhaiya from Delhi wrote to me that he only takes shower when Delhi Police ‘watercannons’ him during protests but ye thoda jyaada ho gaya.”

Meanwhile police all over India are considering using sewage water to ‘watercannon’ the protesters to contribute to water conservation in their own way.