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PM Modi assures public, says his 3D projection is working in Delhi while he is campaigning

09, Oct 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. Ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi started campaigning for Maharashtra and Haryana elections a few days ago, his critics have been pointing to the fact that he is doing so at the cost of ignoring PMO work in Delhi.

Silencing his critics, which include Uddhav Thackeray and Raj Thackeray of late, Modi today disclosed that while he may be campaigning, people of this country can rest assured as his 3D projection was working in Delhi.

The 3D projection at work!
The 3D projection at work!

Modi, who is known for using 3D holographic technology, stunned people with this revelation that left them wondering if he was taking them for a ride.

“When you can have robot as a Prime Minister for 10 years, then why can’t a 3D Projection for just few days?” shot back a BJP spokesperson when asked if Modi was disrespecting the mandate.

“Also this is an advanced level of 3D Projection that Modi ji got from Japan. It can even work on its own,” he added.

Sources say that senior leader LK Advani had offered to be acting PM for the period Modi is campaigning, but Modi reportedly trusted his 3D projections more than the veteran leader.

With this revelation, people are now wondering if it was Modi or his 3D projection that went to USA and Japan.

“I am sure nobody can keep abstain from food for so long. It must have been his 3D projection that kept Navratri fasts and drank only water,” Nitin Gadkari told Faking News, unhappy with being kept in dark by colleague Modi.

“When he gave interview to me during the general elections, it was definitely not him but his 3D projections! That’s why he was calm and composed. Nobody can remain so relaxed and confident when interviewed by me!” Arnab Goswami concluded in retrospect.

Unconfirmed sources tell Faking News that Modi is planning to troll Pakistan by resuming talks with them and sending his 3D projection to Islamabad. “Considering Pak’s literacy levels, they won’t even know it,” chuckled Amit Shah.

Not just this, Modi is even contemplating having his 3D projections as CM candidates for Maharasthra and Haryana so that BJP can repeat its Lok Sabha performance during the assembly elections.