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PM Modi not attending Parliament because he is standing in a bank queue to exchange money: BJP

23, Nov 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Ever since Narendra Modi announced demonetization on national TV, opposition parties have been protesting over it. Now they are demanding the presence of the Prime Minister in the Parliament to debate this issue but so far PM Modi hasn’t been seen inside either Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha during this session.

Narendra Modi
2,000 Rupye exchange karwa do

Now BJP has come out and clarified that PM Modi couldn’t make time to attend Parliament proceedings since he is standing in queues outside banks to get 2,000 Rs exchanged for his daily use. As per the rules, a person can get 2,000 Rs worth of old notes exchanged, a limit that was set at 4,000 Rs earlier.

“Modi Ji immediately left for Japan after demonetization and then he had to make several visits within India so he has had no opportunity to get to a bank to get his money exchanged. Only during the past few days he has had some personal time and he is using the opportunity to get some cash in hand. He is standing in the queue outside a bank just like any common man, he has even hired a makeover artist to ensure he doesn’t get recognized in the queue”, a BJP spokesperson told Faking News.

“We know what is going to happen when he comes to Parliament, opposition MPs will shout, storm the well of the house, house gets adjourned, and everyone goes home. At least let him get some money to eat samosa during the time when house stays adjourned”, the spokesperson added.

When we asked why can’t other MPs fund the samosa of Mr Modi since he is nation’s PM, the spokesperson replied ,”There is such shortage of cash that even Congressis refused to buy stuff for Rahul Ji, that is why he went to get 4,000 Rs exchanged. Do you think anyone is going to pay anyone else’s bill in current times?”