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PM Modi to write a book for singles on how to relieve tension and anxiety before Valentines Day

05, Feb 2018 By @jurnoleast

PM Modi’s recently launched book ‘Exam Warriors’ on how to be tension free before exams will see a quick sequel releasing soon. Sources say that a book written by the PM that is aimed at singles will be released in a few days. The book is said to help singles relieve tension and anxiety before V-Day.

The idea for writing the book came after many singles especially engineers wrote letters to the PM asking for tips on how to handle stress on the eve of Valentines Day. The book is titled ‘Love Warriors’ and is availabe in digital formats too via PMs android app.

“At the end of every chapter there are exercise in the form of breathing techniques and Yoga asanas to calm down the mind and relax,” said the publisher of Love Warriors.

The launch of the book saw criticism from both allies as well as opposition. Shiv Sena in a editorial in Saamna mocked the books and said the names Exam Warriors and Love Warriors sounded more like IPL teams.

Congress Party too has taken strong onbjection and called the book launch an indirect attack on the single status of Rahul Gandhi. “Itni neech aur ghatiya rajneeti karne ki  kya zaroorat hai. Maana ki Rahulji single hai aur party chalane me aur ladki patane me woh thode piche reh gaye hai. Lekin iska yeh matlab nahi ki iss tarah V-Day par unka mazak udaya jaye,” screamed Manishankar Aiyar.