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PM Modi responds to Rahul's 'show me your 56 inch chest' dare, takes a selfie of his chest and emails it to Rahul Gandhi

22, Nov 2015 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: In an unexpected move, Rahul Gandhi’s ‘show me your 56 inch chest’ dare to PM was responded to after Narendra Modi emailed a selfie of his chest to the Congress Vice President.

PM Modi taking a selfie of his 56 inch chest
PM Modi taking a selfie of his 56 inch chest

According to sources in PMO, an email was sent from the PM’s official id with the subject line ‘PFA my 56 inch chest’ with an image as attachment. The recipient was, which is believed to be Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi’s official mail id.

Faking News reporter also spoke to PM Modi’s personal gym instructor who said, “Modiji usually spends an hour at the gym doing cardio but yesterday he spent around two hours doing just bench press.”

Apparently, PM Modi forgot to get his smartphone along with him to the gym and had to borrow Amit Shah’s iPad to take the selfie.

“Yes, he did borrow my iPad and took a selfie. Probably now Mr. Rahul Gandhi has got answers to all his questions and will refrain from making ’56 inch chest’ barbs in future,” said Amit Shah as he furiously burned calories on the treadmill, still incensed with Lalu Prasad’s ‘Bihar ka lift chhota hai, itna mota aadmi usme fit nahina ho sakta‘  comment.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh who was having a swim in the pool spoke to our reporter and said, “Modiji has done the right thing. Till now you must have seen images of Vladimir Putin showing his torso, now see our Indian PM. This will probably shut the mouths of those who keep mocking Modiji, especially people from opposition parties, Modi haters on social media and these so called news satire websites.”

Meanwhile, the Congress party called a high level meeting to discuss PM Modi’s email. Some senior leaders suggested ‘an eye for an eye’ response and asked Rahul Gandhi to send his own selfie but that idea was immediately shot down by the party vice-president himself.