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PM Modi to visit India for a short trip soon, to take tips from Obama on places to visit

13, Apr 2015 By MRP

Berlin. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has plans to visit India soon. He himself announced this to the media yesterday during a press conference on board his flight, some place in the European skies.

He was very excited about it when he said, “Mitron…I am seriously contemplating visiting India shortly. It will be soon after I sign deals with Abkhazia, Palau and Aruba. And visits to Tuvalu and Nauru. India is my homeland and I am keen to be there in the very near future.”

Modi promising India he will be visit it soon.
Modi promising India he will be visit it soon.

Answering a reporter he said, “I am very keen on an India trip. So much so that I have been taking tips from US President Barrack Obama and Chinese President Jinping on how many days to spend there and what places to visit. Because they had visited India recently.”

Later on, back in Delhi, the PMO released details of the PM’s plan. “Modiji has been travelling relentlessly for the sake of the country. Out of the 195 countries that exist today, he has visited most of them. There are still a few pending, mostly due to technical reasons like the country being too small for his aircraft to land or for accommodating his entourage as their population is smaller than that. We are trying to solve this by seeking the help of neighbouring countries for accommodation. He should be able to cover all the countries in the next few months. So, once all countries are covered, he will certainly head for India.”

Amused by all this, a reporter asked, “Once all the countries are visited, what will Modiji do?”

The spokesperson answered, “We will have to wait and see. He may do follow up visits to monitor the status of deals signed before. And of course there are some new countries that come into existence every now and then when they get independence. We are monitoring such situations in order to add them to the list.”

“What after that?” the reporter further asked.

“Well….we might have to split India into multiple pieces so that he can visit more countries,” the spokesperson replied.

As soon as the news spread of Modi’s imminent visit to India, BJP workers started making arrangements for the Ghar Wapsi. And Modi’s local chefs took cookery classes to cater to tastes he newly acquired abroad.