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After PM Modi's speech, guy named Harshvardhan assures roommate that he isn't studying more

25, Sep 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Ambala: During his Mann Ki Baat address, Indian PM Narendra Modi mentioned that after Uri attacks, Hardhvardhan has started studying for 3 hrs more. This remark has created a problem for Ambala based Harshvardhan whose roommate has started looking at him suspiciously. Since this morning, Harshvardhan is busy assuring his roommate that this is not the case.

Harshvardhan is studying!

One of the biggest concerns for many students is that others should not study more than them. Harsh’ roommate also shares the same concern. Even though he doesn’t spend any time studying, he was happy that his roommate doesn’t study either. However, he now suspects that Harsh is studying behind his back.

Harsh has done his best to reassure his roommate that he isn’t studying at all, forget about studying for 3 hrs extra, but his roommate isn’t convinced.

“Our Prime Minister can not lie. If he is saying that Harshvardhan is putting more hours into studies then it must be true. He has told me that this is not true and PM must be talking about some other Harshvardhan but I have my doubts”, Harshvardhan’s roommate said.

“I just have to find out when is he studying. Maybe when I pass out at night after drinking or maybe when he says he is going out on a date with his girlfriend. I have started wondering whether he has a girlfriend or not. Whatever may be the case, I have to find out and stop it else he will become Rancho of 3 Idiots and I will be last like Raju”, he added.

Meanwhile, Harsh’s other friends have also started avoiding him saying that they don’t want to be seen with a guy who is studying with no exams in sight.