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PM to hold Niti Ayog meetings during Iftar party to ensure participation from all CMs

16, Jul 2015 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

New Delhi: Concerned about many CMs not attending Niti Ayog Governing Council meeting, PMO has come up with a fool proof strategy to ensure 100% participation. Knowing that politicians across the party lines take pride in showcasing their secular credentials PMO has decided to hold upcoming important meetings in between Iftar parties.

Iftar party or NITI Ayog meeting or both ?
Iftar party or NITI Ayog meeting or both ?

PM Modi who is never keen on hosting or attending Iftar has agreed to it with heavy heart.

Since no secular politician wants to be seen missing from Iftar parties, we can expect a full house. Between the tasty bites of Haleem and Biryani, PM hopes to strike consensus on Land Aquisition Bill.

However skeptics are still not very positive about the idea of having Iftar with Modi. “What is he up to? I am sure he will take Selfie with all of us and upload it on twitter,” said one such skeptic.

He added, “If we are seen standing with Modi, the very purpose of attending Iftar will be defeated. Our secular credentials will be ruined forever.”

While all this was still getting finalized, NDTV tweeted that Iftar with PM will have a 30 minute mandatory Yoga session too. When confronted by Social Media Bhakts, they clarified that source of this news was an anonymous caller.

A representative from the channel said, “Since the news looked good enough to troll the government we didn’t bother to verify the sources and published it straightaway. Don’t worry, if it is not true, alert twitter users will automatically point out. We don’t have to waste our time in verifying the news.”