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PM’s role in 2G scam should be forgiven in the “spirit of the game”: Sibal

01, Aug 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Union telecom minister Kapil Sibal has asked BJP leaders to take a leaf out of Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni’s book and forgive Prime Minister’s role in the spectrum scam. Dhoni had forgiven Ian Bell yesterday for assuming that the ball was dead and the umpires had called for tea break. Bell had walked off his crease and was adjudged run out as per the rules, but Dhoni reversed the decision in the spirit of the game.

Sibal says that the ‘mistake’ of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was not any graver than that of the English batsman.

“Bell was looking at the ball all along and even Prime Minister was not looking the other way,” Sibal argued, citing the PMO’s statement clarifying Manmohan Singh’s position on allotment of 2G spectrum licenses.

Kapil Sibal
Sibal also made a point drawing parallels between a cricket ball and a CBI investigation

“Manmohan Singh thought that the spectrum allocation was done and over with and he could relax, and even Bell thought that the over was done with and he could walk off to have tea,” Sibal drew the parallels between the two incidents.

“Yes, technically one can drag Manmohan Singh’s name in the spectrum scam as Abhinav Mukund dragged the ball on to the stumps,” Sibal continued.

“But what about the spirit of the game?” the union minister asked with his trademark smile as he looked at all the journalists present in the press conference who seemed to agree.

The minister then asked the BJP leaders to learn a thing or two from the Indian captain who withdrew the appeal during the tea break.

“Contrast it with BJP leaders’ behavior who demanded PM’s resignation after A Raja dragged his name in the 2G scam,” Sibal said, “Is this how politics will be played in India? I hope they see the bigger picture now and withdraw their demands of PM’s resignation.”

Sibal argued that if Bell could be recalled even after umpires had ruled him out, demand for PM’s resignation can definitely be recalled, if not the cases against A Raja, in the spirit of the game.

When contacted by Faking News, BJP didn’t react to Sibal statements, but sources inform that a team of BJP leaders are planning to meet Karnataka Lokayukta Santosh Hegde to request him to withdraw his report in the spirit of the game.