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PMO shifted to Banaras till the 11th of March

06, Mar 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Banaras: With the campaigning for the 7th and (mercifully) the last phase of UP elections in full swing, Prime Minister Modi and all his major ministers have set up camp in the holy city of Banaras. For the past 3 days, virtually the entire Indian government is in the city so they have decided to move the entire PMO there till the results for UP are declared.

PM Modi during his road show, or Jan Milan, we don’t know

The results for this Ashutosh Gowarikar directed elections are just 5 days away now so this will be a temporary arrangement and entire PMO staff will move back to Delhi next week. Along with UP, results for few other states will also be declared on the 11th but we have forgotten the names of those states, its been that long!

Justifying the relocation of the PMO, a senior BJP minister said ,”Well,we can’t let elections affect the day to day functioning of the government. Since Modi Ji can’t go to Delhi right now, his staff can come here and work from here. We have already set up porta cabins along the length of Ganga river where they will work.”

When we asked why isn’t PM Modi going back after campaigning ends today, the minister said ,”As you know, we are fully reliant on Modi Ji for every election. The campaigning part may be getting over but he also has to do booth management. He will need to drive voters to and from the polling booths on polling day. After that, he will stand outside EC offices to keep a watch on the EVMs to ensure nobody tampers with them. So you see, we can’t spare him before the 11th. Once results are announced, he can go and do whatever he needs to.”

Meanwhile, with majority of the journalists and politicians in Banaras, pollution levels have dropped by 39% in the capital city of Delhi.