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PMO to release 1000 speeches by Manmohan Singh as a Music Album

18, Apr 2014 By siddhant

New Delhi. Sensing that no one was ready to believe that Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh had given over 1000 speeches in the last 10 years, PMO has decided to remix those speeches into music tracks and release the speeches as Music Album.

“Oh, please, don’t crack such jokes,” Pankaj Pachauri, the media adviser to the Prime Minister said when this reporter asked if the album would be a blank CD.

Pachauri said that he was confident that the CD will sell as hot cakes and youngsters will finally hear what their Prime Minister has been telling them all these years.

When asked why the speeches were being released in form of a music album, when they could have been released as a book too, Pachauri said, “We don’t like books.”

Manmohan Singh at G5 press briefing
Dr. Singh taking some rest between two songs/speeches

Sources say that this sudden dislike for books by the PMO, even though the Prime Minister is a scholarly person, is due to the fact that recently two books were released that painted the Prime Minister unfavorably.

However, Pachauri didn’t get into details of any book, and instead claimed that music was the best way to reach out to the youngsters.

“This was being thought ever since Priyanka Chopra launched her music album,” Pachauri claimed.

Sources tell Faking News that Dr. Singh’s music album will begin with “Tere bin nahin lagda dil mera soniya“, which is the speech delivered by Dr. Manmohan Singh during Sonia Gandhi’s visits to USA.

Another song/speech “Chhup chhup ke chori pe chori” could apparently feature A Raja or Robert Vadra, while another speech, delivered during the coal block allotment, has been converted to the song “Hum se ka bhool hui jo ye saza humka mili“.

No further details of other thousands of speeches could be extracted from our sources.

While the album is slated to be released this Sunday, many music critics have already given 5 out of 5 stars to the album.

Experts believe that finally Congress has found the real game changer.

“2009 elections were won primarily due to the personal goodwill and clean image Dr. Manmohan Singh commanded. This album could make him relevant and lovable again,” an expert explained.