PMO is trying if Modi could visit few more countries on the way while returning from Myanmar

08, Sep 2017 By dasu

Naypyidaw: Prime Minister’s office is still trying to squeeze in few more trips for Prime Minister Modi before he returns from Myanmar. Though only few hours are left before PM’s flight takes off towards Delhi, PMO officials have not lost hope.

“We are working on a mission critical project called ‘Chaubis Ghante’ which means 24 hours. That is the total time we had in our hand when PM’s personal secretary Mishra ji called us this afternoon. He told us to find at least two countries who will be ready to host our PM in quick time. If there is a need Indian high commission officials in those countries will help them to make the visit a smooth affair,” said a PMO official who is in charge of this project.

PMO official added, “When we contact the countries for state visit like PM’s they ask for ‘agenda’. When I asked Mishra Ji what I should put under agenda, he was upset with me.”

Mishra ji asked me, “More than three years have passed and you still do not know agenda for PM’s trip. Just go through his previous visits and you should be able to find them on your own.”

“The tentative agenda we are sending is like this. 1st is ceremonial welcome followed by meeting with head of the country, visit to nearby historic monuments including temples, last but not the least address to Indian diaspora. After that we keep 4 to 5 slots as TBD. If someone like Priyanka Chopra or Suresh Raina are visiting, they can meet PM there. They are not important ones, just fillers before he returns home,” official shared few secrets how the planning is done at the PMO.

When we asked on countries PMO is trying, the official said, “There are many countries around Myanmar like Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia. Malaysia & Singapore are not far either. We are trying for Laos, a neighboring country many of us did not know exist. If Laos accept, it would mean a new one gets added to PM’s never ending foreign trips list. Just imagine how much publicity a small country like that will get due to PM’s visit.”