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PM's house to be rented out for wedding functions when PM travels out of Delhi

04, Nov 2015 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi. Prime Minister’s official residence at 7 Race Course Road will be available on rent from December onward. This decision was taken at a cabinet meeting held in Delhi this morning.

What official residence of the PM could look like in future
What official residence of the PM could look like in future

As per sources, PMO officials felt that 7 RCR was lying largely unused since Narendra Modi hardly stays there and it was falling into bad shape due to lack of use. To keep it well maintained and generate some revenue, this proposal was moved and it has been accepted by the Government. This will generate enough revenue to fund PM’s foreign trips as well.

Speaking to Faking News, an insider at PMO said, “See, Mr Modi hardly uses it. He is either abroad or he is campaigning for elections. He was in USA, then Bihar, then he leaves for Singapore and UK, then Bengal elections, then more foreign trips, then UP elections and so on. The house is lying vacant, why shouldn’t we use this as an opportunity to make some money out of it?”

“Delhi is facing a flood of weddings this season; we don’t have enough venues to meet the demand so for the benefit of the people, we have decided to turn PM’s house into a marriage hall. We get revenue, people get a convenient marriage venue in the center of Delhi, everyone is happy,” he went on to add.

When we asked what they will do once marriage season is over in few months, our source said, “Well once marriage season is over, we will remodel the interiors to make it an office space for startups. Prime Minister Modi ji is very keen on startups and wants to support them as much as possible. What better way to support them than providing cheap office space. In fact, we don’t plan to charge them anything in cash as rent; just 15% equity in their companies will be enough.”

This move has been welcomed by general public in Delhi who have asked for more bungalows in Lutyens Delhi to be converted to wedding halls.

A Karol Bagh resident, Nidhi Khanna told us, “It will be so much convenient. Right now, by the time we reach wedding venue on Karnal Bypass or in Ghaziabad, entire makeup is ruined and I look fit for a Halloween party instead of a wedding.”

Another Delhi resident, Sumit Singh of South Ex said, “I couldn’t reach my own wedding at a banquet hall in Mundka due to the traffic. My would-be wife married my cousin and left for honeymoon by the time I reached there. Something closer in central Delhi will definitely be appreciated. Every politician should put his bungalow on rent for this.”

As per sources, Government is also considering renting out Rajya Sabha to corporate houses for their seminars as that hall of Parliament is also lying unused for many months.