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PM’s phone stops working, reason might be due to too many times toggle between airplane mode on and off

12, Jul 2015 By dasu

New Delhi: According to our sources in PMO, the smart phone used by PM Narendra Modi which he purchased a year ago, has stopped working. It seems this happened when he was on his way to Russia from Kazakhstan to attend BRICS summit.

PM Modi needs a custom made smartphone
PM Modi needs a custom made smartphone

Faking News made an attempt to speak to PMO through its spokesperson to know more about this. However, most of our emails, calls, WhatsApp messages went unanswered. When Faking news was contemplating to file an RTI, we got one message through sms that read, “The phone which media is speculating is not working, is PM’s personal phone which is outside RTI’s ambit and official phone is with PM’s principal secretary most of the time.”

All the calls Faking News made towards official number went unanswered. It seemed that was phone was also switched off or with airplane mode settings as off.

Looking at the records, in last one year PM has visited close to 20 countries belonging to different continents. As per the norm most of the airlines request you to keep your mobile phone switched off or at least set the airplane mode settings as off when flight is taking off and landing. It is strictly enforced for the flights where PM is on board. In those flights one needs to keep phone with airplane mode settings as off for the entire duration of the flight due to security reasons.

Faking News met one of the experts on smartphone technology, Mr. Ragesh N. We started by asking, “Is there a link between changing airplane mode settings too many times and phone going bad because of this?”

Mr. Ragesh told us this might be the case, but it is very difficult to correlate unless he has all the details with him. Mr. Ragesh highlighted, “You need to remember PM is travelling to so many countries in short span of time. As he brings his phone back to network through airplane mode settings, he is bound to use network carriers of different countries as he is roaming. We cannot rule out, there might be a correlation between too much roaming and phone going bad. We need a thorough analysis. I have asked my testing department to help me on this. The challenge before us is, we cannot travel to so many countries to simulate this problem.”

Mr. Ragesh also pointed out in addition he is also doing research why the smart phones run out of battery while crossing five signals in Bangalore.