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PM’s rally a huge success in Assam as people mistake it for meditation camp

31, Mar 2014 By amithms

Guwahati. The people of  Assam felt a mix of inner peace and boredom as Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, a prolific orator, kept quiet for 3 hours instead of giving a speech.

The people who attended the gathering were astounded by the intense silence of the Prime Minister and started meditating. Few claim to be enlightened.

Manmohan Meditation
Golden silence

A local school teacher, who spoke to our correspondent said, “A subject on our Prime Minister’s silence should be inducted into our curriculum to ensure that students are silent in class.”

The school teacher also remarked that he will tweet Dr. Shashi Tharoor about it. Another local who was awed by the speech silence, remarked, “He sounded just like James Bond when he said his last and only two words: Theek Hai!”

Among those inspired were three engineering students – Farhan, Raju, and Rancho. They have decided to improve the country’s economic situation by extracting gold from the Prime Minister’s silence. The students told Faking News, “We want to prove that Silence is indeed golden.”

The rally came to an end when a cop, ACP Jai Dixit broke the silence and questioned the Prime Minister as to why he hasn’t been promoted since 2004.

The supercop had recently helped the Chicago Police Department in catching a criminal and his autistic twin, and yet did not get a promotion.  Apparently, this is when the Prime minister said Theek Hai and concluded the meditation camp rally.

Home Minister Mr. Sushil Kumar Shinde later issued a statement saying, “ACP Jai Dixit is getting promotions without his Knowledge.”

Meanwhile this radical approach of campaigning has garnered a lot of interest. Congress spokesman Jha praised the leadership of the party for this innovation. “This is a huge success of Rahul baba’s policies. Now we know he is not only an expert in tearing and throwing policies but also an expert in making them,” claimed Jha.

But members of the opposing parties have claimed that  the Prime Minister’s rally was nonsense. Mr.Rahul Gandhi, who was visibly infuriated by the comments, came in support of his Prime Minister and a made a statement saying, “This is outrageous. Only I can say nonsense when it comes to our Prime Minister. Who do they think they are?”

Before storming out, he added that silence was also a state of mind.