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Police arrests person who was laying ‘Black’ colored tar road on Amit Shah’s rally route assuming him to be a protestor

11, Aug 2018 By Guest Patrakar

Kolkata: Three people, including two women, were arrested for allegedly waving black flags and jumping in front of BJP chief Amit Shah’s convoy in the Dhoomanganj area two weeks back. The protesters claimed to be members of the Samajwadi Party’s student wing, Dhoomanganj SHO Sandeep Mishra said, adding that they were arrested on the charge of breach of peace. A purported video of the incident showing police personnel manhandling the protesters went viral on social media.


Instead of learning something from the incident, police has, in fact, become more vigilant in dealing with the protestors. Today when Amit Shah was traveling from the airport to the central part of the city, there was a contractor who was laying black colored tar road. Though the color of tar roads across India is black, but this being on the rally route of Amit Shah, police took it as a protest and arrested the contractor. Contractor Shwetank Srivastava who was arrested from the spot has conveyed that all tar roads made by him are black in color and he was not protesting Amit Shah’s rally.

The incident can be detrimental in the already crippling infrastructure projects of India as contractors will think twice before taking the responsibility of making a tar road from now onwards. As the rally progressed, police arrested people wearing black colored clothes, riding black motorbikes, cars, and also people who were seen watching the movie ‘Black’ along the way of the rally route. There have been 30-35 arrests as per our report. Amit Shah meanwhile has come out and said that none of the arrests were made at his orders and that he believes in complete democracy.