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Police hunts Rahul Gandhi lookalike eating food at dalit homes

01, Jul 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Lucknow. In the last couple of months, dozens of dalit families in various villages of Uttar Pradesh have been duped of their valuables and kilos of cooked food after a person claiming to be Rahul Gandhi stayed with them and ate it all. These families, who now feel like fools, have lodged an FIR against this unidentified man resembling a lot with the General Secretary of Congress.

“We have received numerous complaints in this regard and are looking into the matter. It seems to be the work of a conman, who has been targeting his prey very systematically.” Karamvir Sigh, state DGP said, further informing that the conman never used to visit the same village or any of the adjacent villages in the same month.

The afflicted families report that the Rahul Gandhi lookalike would usually drop by their village late in the night along with 3-4 of his friends, who acted like his sycophants and goaded the villagers to assemble together and welcome the Yuvraaj.

“We had heard that Rahul Gandhi usually made sudden and surprise visits to dalit homes, so we never suspected any foul play.” said Manjan Ram, who lost two kilos of rice, pulse and potatoes as he happily cooked food for the fake Rahul Gandhi.

Children wearing Rahul Gandhi masks
Victims reaffirm that the food eating person actually looked like Rahul Gandhi and didn’t wear any mask, as was initially suspected by the police

“His friends didn’t eat much but they took away photo copy of our raashan card, saying they would help us get more raashan. They also said that Rahulbaba would like to remember us and took away an old saaree of my wife and a dhoti of mine.” he rued as he had volunteered to host fake Rahul Gandhi the night his gang arrived in his village.

The next morning Manjan Ram and his family eagerly awaited journalists to arrive in their village and visit their home to cover Rahul Gandhi’s overnight stay. Manjan didn’t go to fields for work that day and skipped a day’s wage to appear on television and in newspapers. But his efforts went in vain.

Slowly his co-villagers started laughing at him and making fun of him, which made Manjan go red in rage, and he decided to travel to Lucknow office of Congress seeking an explanation. There he was informed that the real Rahul Gandhi had not made any trip to his village yet and suggested him to register himself in the office if he wanted to host the real Rahul Gandhi.

“I was getting mad. I straightaway went to the police station and lodged a complaint.” Manjan said, incidentally not the only person to have done so, as the state police received at least eight more similar complaints in the next couple of weeks, suggesting a planned conspiracy to dupe unsuspecting dalits.

State Congress has termed it as a political conspiracy to defame the party and sully the image of Rahul Gandhi among the dalits and has demanded a CBI inquiry into the incident, while the ruling BSP has blamed Congress for the mess.

“I have been asking Yuvraaj of Congress to submit his travel details in advance, but he never heeded. Something like this was waiting to happen. I won’t’ be surprised if some congress workers are involved in looting the dalits by using name of their Yuvraaj.” BSP chief Kumari Mayawati alleged.

Apart from launching a manhunt to nab the fake Rahul Gandhi, the state government has also issued directives for all dalits in the state to check the identity card of any person claiming to be Rahul Gandhi before offering him or any of his friends any food. Experts believe that once UID cards are issued by the government of India, such incidents will disappear.