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Political parties give high speed internet to gaming addicts in return for vote

04, Dec 2013 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. In a new case of ‘Bribe for Vote’ incident, a new sting operation carried out by a party that specializes in exposés has revealed that political parties were targeting online gaming addicts and giving free high speed broadband internet connection to them.

Experts believe that given the ever increasing population of gaming addicts by the day, many secular parties are rethinking their strategies and thinking of them as their new vote bank.

Manifesto appealing to a gamer

Sources tell that the political parties decided to take this route after ‘liquor for vote’ became too predictable and media started reporting about it.

“There was also the risk of people not turning up due to hangover,” a leader confirmed why his party decided to offer 10 Mbps broadband instead of bottles of rum.

“We thought we will target alcoholics and exploit their weakness, but yesterday when I saw my own son (a counter strike addict) become violent and later unconscious when his broadband had a downtime of 4 seconds, I realized that gamers in the age group of 18-27 can be lured more easily than anyone else. Liquor addiction is nothing when compared to gaming addiction,” added the leader, whose son converted everyone in his “clan” as voters for his dad’s party.

According to sources, there are around 15 lakh odd gamers in Delhi and political parties believe that this group can impact the results in the triangular fight between Congress, BJP, and AAP.

This whole new revelation has left Yogendra Yadav of AAP totally shattered.

“We did millions of internal surveys but failed to do one that tells us the population of gamers in Delhi. Had we known they are so large in numbers, we would have had something for them as well in our manifesto,” said Yadav.

In order to make amends, AAP has now assured cheat code free gaming experience to honest gamers if voted to power. They have further promised to pass GameLokpal biill within 15 days which will punish cheaters.