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Political parties request Kapil Sharma to explain what exactly Sidhu said in his Press Conference

26, Jul 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Journalists and politicians expecting to hear future plans of Navjot Singh Sidhu at his press conference were left very disappointed on Monday. While Sidhu did say that he resigned from Rajya Sabha seat because he was unhappy, he didn’t reveal his future plans and instead unleashed some shayari.

Sidhu with his translator

Now to make sense of his statements, Political parties have approached Kapil Sharma, a man who always seems to understand what Sidhu is saying during his TV show. A panel comprising members from BJP, AAP and Congress has approached Kapil and asked him to translate Sidhu’s statements for common people.

“Why couldn’t Sidhu say in a simple sentence what he is going to do? Khata-Wafa-Maza-Saza, what was all that man. He said he was unhappy, that we all knew anyway. Of course he was unhappy that is why he resigned. Now what next? Whether he is joining AAP or accepting Amarinder’s invitation to join Congress or staying with BJP, who will clarify all that? Hopefully Kapil can make some sense of all those shers”, a senior Punjab politician said.

Not everyone wants Sidhu to join their party though. A leader speaking on the condition of anonymity said,”If he starts speaking in public rallies like that, it may really hurt our chances. People will think they have come to a Mushaira and not a political rally. How will we get our point across that public has to vote for our candidate and not select the best sher from Sidhu’s collection? Na baba, hum uske bina hi ache.”

Meanwhile, Kapil Sharma has agreed to help out the politicians on the condition that they let him shoot the next season of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ inside the Punjab assembly. “Our show needs some strange characters in the audience. If we shoot it in Punjab assembly, we will get plenty of them and Sidhu Paaji will still remain our chief guest”, Kapil said.