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Political party revokes membership after Pajero owner pays toll charges

22, Dec 2015 By dsarcasticmouth

Mumbai: He came, he saw, he paid, he left. It was all over in the time which Arnab Goswami gives to his guests to speak. Yes, 30 seconds is what it took.

The toll naka witnessed the end of a political career
The toll naka that witnessed the end of a political career

On another pollution filled Monday morning, Ram Kumar Bhaiyya was manning the lane 4 at Dahisar Toll Naka on the outer limits of Mumbai when he received the shock of his life.

A red and white Pajero, which had a huge logo and flag of a political party (known for promoting Pakistan tourism by asking some people to go to Pakistan and doling out rewards for slapping people), pulled in his lane.

As Ram was pulling his hand back and readying to let the car pass, the car windows rolled down and he was handed a crisp note of Rs.50. Ram fumbled as he handed back the change to the car driver. This can be clearly seen on the CCTV footage which is in the possession of Faking News.

This incident came to the note of the party’s local unit chief, Gaitonde bhau, when it’s CCTV footage was shown in acclaimed shows like – Worlds Most Extreme – India and Believe It or Not.

Mr. Gaitonde, while burning the car owner’s membership receipt shouted at the top of his lungs about how this incident was a bolt on their rich legacy. He kept on shouting about how this toll naka was a loot scheme, achhe din were a smokescreen, toll was against Indian culture, conspiracy by Facebook on sending more Pirate Kings request than Candy Crush, red Starbucks glasses were an eye sore etc.

It must be noted that the State Government has specified some categories and types of vehicles which are not supposed to pay toll tax. However, the toll naka attendants have developed a mental chart of which vehicles are supposed to be ‘exempted’:

State Buses, Auto, Bikes, Ambulances, Police Cars etc. Obviously, Don’t Stop
Pajeros, Monteros, Fortuners, XUV 500, Tata Safari(who the f*** still drives it?) and every other SUV which Rohit Shetty has blown up in his films Never Stop
Landcruiser (added to this list after 2002) Never Stop and never stand/sit/sleep on the footpath while the car passes by.
Cars with Local Political Parties flag (including Nano) Never Ever Stop unless you want red cheeks and/or be reminded of your mother and sister.

Raju Jaiprakash, a veteran of 5 toll protests, 2 toll naka vandalism,42 slaps, and innumerable abuses; shares his experience, “When I joined this naka about a year and a half ago, I was told to rottofy this chart and live by it. But forgetting this chart has its own benefits – people immediately recognise your state and its contribution to Maharashtra.”

Reportedly, the aforementioned chart has inspired a few games as well, which the toll naka attendants play among themselves. One of them is – Stop It To Win It wherein you try and stop more than 5 cars (falling in the above category) successively and the one who receives no slaps or abuses, wins. Till date, no one has been able to win this game and the expectation of someone winning it is as low as Bhai fans using logic. Therefore, the winning prize is not yet specified.

This incident has sent shock-waves among the toll paying community who have started an online petition to compel the producers of Believe It or Not and other such shows; to not showcase such footage on their show, fearing backlash from other political parties.