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Politically aware youth still wondering which US Presidential candidate to support for maximum RTs/Likes

30, Jun 2015 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: 24 yrs old Vipin Kumar, a very active social media user in India is struggling to decide which US Presidential candidate he should be supporting for the 2016 elections.

Vipin, who spends 16 hrs per day on Twitter, Facebook, Quora and Reddit debating politics is worried that he may lose out on a lot of RTs on Twitter and FB likes if he ends up picking a loser.

which one of these two will give me more RTs/Likes
which one of these two will give me more RTs/Likes

Speaking to Faking News, Vipin said, “I am worried yaar. There are so many of them. Which one is RT material, which one is not. Should I go Democrat or pick a Republican. I don’t know what they are but apparently they are the 2 choices in USA. Bobby Jindal would have been a favourite if he had spoken of how proud he is of his Indian descent but the bugger is hell bent on playing the white guy. Jokes on him will get good retweets but supporting him means many unfollows, unfriendings.”

“Supporting Trump means a good number of RTs from a verified account with 3 Million followers. Idiot retweets anything if you praise him; much like BJP’s Sambit Patra but it fills your mentions with a lot of abuses from angry Americans. I don’t want that”, Vipin added.

Vipin explained that he used a similar model in Indian elections to build his follower base online and got thousands and thousands of retweets and likes. He said, “I backed Modi and BJP initially when they were the only politicians with a good social media presence. Then with the arrival of Youth Congress workers, I started praising Rahul Gandhi. Lately, AAP started gaining prominence and I became Kejriwal fan to get RTs from all the cool people in Delhi and Mumbai. Some call me Thaali ka Baingan but they are just jealous of my 100,000 followers on Twitter and 500,000 likes on my FB page.”

As of now Vipin is leaning towards Hillary Clinton as the most likely candidate he will end up supporting for the US elections. Explaining the rationale, he said “First of all I can be a cool feminist by supporting a female for the post of US President. That is a huge number of retweets and likes assured. Then, it is easier to remember her name thanks to years of coverage of Clintons in Indian media. Some candidates I can’t even remember the names of, like Hucklebee, Hakka Bee, Marco Polo, Marco Robo, what confusion man. Clinton is easier.”

When we asked him why he is stressing over US elections when he can’t even vote there, Vipin replied “Man I didn’t vote in India also but did that stop me from running political campaigns online?”