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Politician caught in bed with rival politician, justifies conduct

28, Dec 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Ranchi. A well known political leader Simba Suri was caught in a compromising position with his rival Arjun Mehta when both of them were seen half naked in the official bed of Suri, all this in a rather chilling winter. Various television channels have been playing the gayish visuals continuously, terming it a shocking sex-scandal, but the leaders have termed their act as being a ‘done thing’ in the contemporary politics.

“What’s so shocking about it? Have you guys seen it for the first time? Politics has been making strange bedfellows for decades now, only that this time around you guys could click some pictures. It’s a shame on the voyeuristic journalism of modern times. I heard many of you guys downloaded pictures from gay galleries and broadcasted them. That’s such a shame!” Suri put the blame squarely on the journalists for cheap sensationalism.

Suri and Mehta had panicked after journalists went into their room
Suri and Mehta had panicked after journalists went into their room

Even though Suri and Mehta are putting up a stiff upper lip now, they had panicked when journalists had first broken into their room to find them together in the bed. It should be noted that Suri and Mehta have been sworn rivals of each other attacking each other regularly on the charges of corruption and communalism. Though Suri was suspected of being gay, the sexual preferences of Mehta too have now come under question after this incident.

Other politicians from the state, especially those who were often seen moving hand in hand with Simba Suri in parks and multiplexes, have termed the incident as ‘shameful’ and have demanded that both the leaders be tried for cheating on their wives. Interestingly, wives of both Suri and Mehta are namesakes – Janta Devi. But legal experts are not too sure if the leaders can be tried for being unfaithful.

“Gay sex was sanctioned only last year in India, and the laws are kinda silent if a man could be tried for being unfaithful to his wife if he gets a gay partner. It would be interesting if Janta Devi decides to sue her husband.” leading constitutional expert Subhash Kashyap said.

Either of Janta Devis were not available for comments as they were busy watching saas-bahu serials and shopping for vegetables. But both Suri and Mehta are sure that their wives won’t take any action against them.

“I did it for my beloved Janta darling. She wanted a new bed-sheet for the new year as the earlier one was sullen after madhu (honey) fell on it. I was discussing bed-sheets with Suri when you shameless guys barged in. We were just following our Janta’s wishes.” Arjun Mehta said, sending out confusing signals whether the leaders indulged in gay sex or not, the question everyone seems to be most worried about.