Politician demands DSLR to be included in essential items to take photos while distributing relief material

11, Apr 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

With the coronavirus scare shutting down many countries, the distribution of the essentials is the biggest task at hand. In India, a politician named Shwetank Srivastava has requested the government to include DSLR cameras in the list of the essential items.


According to Shwetank, DSLRs are the most sought after item during the time of emergency and pandemic. Politicians are habituated of getting their candid photos clicked while distributing relief materials. They, in fact, try to give various sad expressions and work hard on the acting part too. It makes complete sense to capture those moments properly as they are rare. The home ministry will decide whether or not Shwetank’s demands can be met.

But as of now, Shwetank is using his latest iPhone to get good pictures of him helping the citizens. iPhone has also promised that in the next version it will have special sad filters for the Indian politicians so that they can capture the sad expressions with more detailing during the next pandemic like situation. Looking at Shwetank, many other politicians have also come in support of Shwetank and are demanding the same from the central government.