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Politician falls in borewell while campaigning for elections

09, Oct 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Hisar. While campaigning for Assembly Elections, a politician fell in a borewell here and has got stuck in the well since then. Rescue team and police have reached the spot and attempts are on to pull out the politician identified as Teznayan Bhadana, an independent candidate secretly backed by Congress. Thirteen hours and thirty nine minutes had passed since Mr. Bhadana fell in the borewell and he was still stuck there when reports last came in.

Rescue officer Mr. Bachao Singh Bishnoi informed us that Mr. Bhadana was still alive as people could hear his speeches coming out of the borewell. It was not clear what Mr. Bhadana was trying to convey through his speeches from inside the well due to the echo effect, but it is believed that he was crying for help and accusing a political conspiracy behind keeping the borewell open.

According to eye-witnesses, Teznayan Bhadana had seen a little kid playing near borewell and had started running towards the kid immediately, but fell in the borewell that was left uncovered. While supporters of Mr. Bhadana claim that he ran to save the kid as he feared him falling in the borewell, his political opponents say that Bhadana was on his way to perform his usual gimmick of lifting a kid in his arms to be popular among the locals. Police had no opinion or knowledge on how Mr. Bhadana fell in the borewell.

Rescue operatations are on for Mr. Bhadana
Rescue operatations are on for Mr. Bhadana

Mr. Bhadana had gone to campaign in the area where government has been digging a borewell for the last five years, apparently to provide water to the locals as the farmers have been long complaining about problems of irrigation. According to government sources, the borewell would have been completed today had Mr. Bhadana not fallen inside. They fear that now the water level could go down after this incident. When Faking News asked for the basis for such fears, they refused to divulge the details.

Meanwhile a parallel borewell was being dug to reach out to Mr. Bhadana and pull him out. It was rather surprising to us to notice that the same machines and people could dig a parallel borewell so fast while they took almost five years to dig the original one. Faking News also fears that the whole attempt could go waste as the radius of the parallel borewell was smaller than radius of Mr. Bhadana’s potbelly and he could again get stuck while being pulled out.

Amidst all this, politics has got heated in Haryana over the incident. INLD chief Om Prakash Chautala suspects that Congress was behind the incident and that Mr. Bhadana was paid huge sum of money to fall in the well. Mr. Chautala suspected foul play as he refused to believe that a grown up person could fall in a borewell when a little kid was playing safely in the same area.

“Mr. Bhadana is acting to create a sympathy wave in the state in favor of the ruling party. It’s also an attempt to grad media headlines. News Channels are known to telecast such events live and now the Congress government will put up posters and hoardings at those places so that the same get transmitted on the television channels, and they won’t even have to pay for this free publicity.” Mr. Chautala warned that borewell politics won’t succeed in Haryana.

Congress has vehemently denied these allegations and has accused INLD and BJP of doing nothing for locals, who are truly represented by Mr. Bhadana. Congress workers and supporters of Mr. Bhadana are in turn accusing INLD and BJP of trapping genuine leaders like Mr. Bhadana. They claimed that the land, where borewell was being dug, belonged to a BJP supporter, who has been absconding since Mr. Bhadana fell inside. Mr. Bhadana’s supporters have threatened to launch ‘rail todo’ agitation if he is not pulled out within next nine hours.

Away from politics, Faking News asks its readers to send ‘get well soon’ messages to 6969 and pray with us for Mr. Bhadana’s survival.