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Politician fulfills a poll promise which would actually benefit the people, forced to resign

29, Nov 2015 By Hemant Bijapurkar

New Delhi: In shocking news a newly elected politician fulfilled a poll promise he had made which would certainly result in making people’s lives better.

What kind of politician sticks to his poll promises
What kind of politician sticks to his poll promises

The move which is supposed to be accidental has ruffled the feathers of many seasoned politicians who see it as a disgrace to their profession and have since forced the politician in question to resign, citing lack of knowledge of how to do the job.

The move would have helped the government revenue and at the same time increased the HDI of the state. This comes in the light of Nitish Kumar fulfilling his poll promise of making Bihar a dry state.

One seasoned politician spoke to us, “Look how ideal Nitish’s move was, which benefits all the bootleggers, 2 bit thugs and goons of the state. They should be the target audience of our schemes not the general public. What the politician has done is not only unnecessary but downright criminal. Now imagine people would even start expecting the same from us.”

The politician’s successor has rapidly announced a populist welfare scheme of providing one goat for ever kid born to neutralize any ill effect of the previous scheme.

The politician in question has stated that this move was totally accidental and he had no such intention of doing so.

He is quoted as, “Yaar I was just trying to find ways whereby me and my family can increase our commissions, that was when an honest bureaucrat came and asked for my signatures on some papers one of which contained that scheme. And as I cannot read or write too well I gullibly signed the papers. Little did I know that it would result in me signing my own resignation.”

In unrelated news the bureaucrat has been transferred for the 15th time in 15 months to an unknown location.