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Politician names himself “Asli Feku” to trend on Twitter

26, Aug 2013 By idiot420

Lucknow. Gone are the days when people would change their names on advice of numerologists or astrologers, now these advisory roles are being assumed by Social Media and SEO experts.

Krishna Pratap, a little known Mukhiya in Barabanki has changed his name to “Asli Feku” acting upon one such advice from an expert. He hopes to become a social media star by this weekend.

Twitter trends
It’s a matter of time when some politician uses hashtag in his official name, experts predict.

“The other option was that I issue a statement blaming women for rapes, but senior leaders had already done that. I needed fresh ideas to trend on Twitter,” explained Krishna Pratap, who signed up on Twitter last month.

Krishna had joined Twitter after he realized that after 15 years of active politics, he could only become a Mukhiya, while some people could become party spokespersons after 15 months of tweeting.

Frustrated, and after sending abusive tweets to his own party spokespersons on Twitter, Krishna hired a social media expert (who handles 500 troll accounts on Facebook and Twitter all by himself). The expert advised him to use either “Pappu” or “Feku” in his name for instant fame.

“I settled for Feku, because Pappu is not so unique – there is already a politician called Pappu Yadav and Google search on Pappu has too much of info,” Krishna showed off his enhanced knowledge about the digital world.

Experts say that this trend will only pick more momentum in coming months as elections approach.

Faking News talked to a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist Pranav Sharma, who has numerous politicians in his client list.

“Many times typos take place while people search for famous keywords like Feku and Pappu. For example, Feku could become Deku or Geku because D and G keys are next to F. A leader can name himself Deku or Geku to benefit from this,” Pranav explained how it works.

“Some other strategies are like giving them names which include already famous search keywords. That’s how the name Asli Feku must have been thought of,” the SEO expert claimed, “Pyara Pappu is another good option.”

Unconfirmed sources say that another Mukhiya has renamed himself to Sunny Leone for similar results.