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Politician starts fast in Andhra Pradesh, but no one knows why

17, Dec 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Hyderabad. Anjeer Reddy, the national president of a little known regional party called Disha Bhramit Rajyam (DBR), has announced his plans to go on an indefinite fast over the issue of separate statehood for Telangana. Mr. Reddy has stopped taking food from this morning and aims to continue doing so till all his demands are met by the government, but nobody yet knows what his demands are; even Mr. Reddy declined to divulge.

“It is important that I fast for people’s right and make their voices heard in the corridors of power.” announced a fasting Anjeer Reddy in a press conference, where a feast was thrown open for the journalists. When asked what his demands were, he said, “My demands are the same as what people of Andhra Pradesh want. I do not want to impose my own will over them. I am fasting for the public not for my party. This Telangana issue is very important you know.”

This photo, allegedly showing members of DBR, was produced by Anjeer Reddy to prove that his party cared for rights of common people
This photo, allegedly showing members of DBR, was produced by Anjeer Reddy to prove that his party cared for rights of common people

DBR has not been much in news and nobody knows if the party supports or opposes the creation of a separate Telangana state, but the party considers the issue as being absolutely vital for the development of India in general and Andhra Pradesh in particular.

“Our members have been feeling suicidal over the issue and last night one of them even attempted suicide. The situation was turning grave you know. Something has to be done about it. The government must take some sort of action.” these were the only specific sounding demands that Anjeer Reddy could put forward during the press conference.

When asked if he supported creation of smaller states in principle, not necessarily with respect to creation of Telangana, Anjeer Reddy said, “It is a good question and should be debated nationally. The common man must get answers and I would do everything for it. Our party would put the required pressure on the center so that right things are done.”

Till now the number of politicians fasting in support of creation of Telangana was equal to those fasting to oppose the creation. Anjeer Reddy would have tilted the balance of power in favor of one of these groups, but his stand has made the whole situation even more nebulous. Some people believe that Mr. Reddy would strike a deal with either of the groups after his fast enters the fourth day and the first headline. But Mr. Reddy has rubbished such charges.

“I am fasting but that does not mean that I am hungry for power.” said an hungry angry Reddy.