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Politicians assure Dalits that they will be forgotten again after UP elections

27, Jul 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Politicians from all parties have come together and assured Dalits across the country that they will be forgotten as soon as the elections are over in Uttar Pradesh. Editors from leading papers have also said that they will stop carrying articles on Dalit plight only the last ballot in UP is cast.

Once elections are done here, politicians will move on

Elections in UP are due early next year and all the major players have started working for it. Dalits form a significant percentage of the votes in the state and are considered crucial for victory.

Dalits have suddenly become the focus of every political party and every media outlet as the elections in UP draw close. Not used to people caring for them, several Dalits were feeling a bit uncomfortable but they have been assured now that this is not a long term situation.

“We know that this sudden attention may be daunting and some people may be nervous. Some people may even start thinking that we are actually going to work seriously towards social equality. We want to dispel all those notions at this early stage and assure our Dalit brothers that we will once again forget about them once elections in UP end. They can have 2 years away from the spotlight then till we remember them again during Lok Sabha 2019 elections. There is no secret plan to actually work for them”, a leading politician from a party fighting elections in UP said at a dinner in Delhi.

Adding his voice to the politician’s view, a senior news editor said,”Oh yes, even our interest is going to last as long as the interest of politicians. Once elections are over, we will stop writing articles on Dalit plight and move on to other important stories, like Virat-Anushka affair or SRK’s son’s cheeks or some other important news. This is just a temporary arrangement.”

Politicians have also dispelled the idea that UP elections will be decided on caste alone and have assured everyone that they will start religion based politics as well during the next quarter.