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Poor man finds Rahul Gandhi’s dreams, wakes up laughing

11, Sep 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Salumbar, Udaipur. After Rahul Gandhi decided to abandon his own dreams and adopt the dreams of the poor, dalit, and the adivasis, a poor man here decided to return the favor and adopt Rahul Gandhi’s abandoned dream.

Chhotu Bhima, who attended Rahul Gandhi’s rally found the crumpled dream of the Congress Vice President after the rally. The dream, which looked like a wig, was lying on the ground. Chhotu could recognize it as it was golden in color and its surface showed visuals of millions of people clapping.

Rahul Gandhi sleeping
Meanwhile Rahul Gandhi is reported to have tried the dream of one poor man and he was still sleeping when reports last came in

“It was clearly Rahul Gandhi’s dream to have millions attend his rally and clap with awe after every statement issued by him,” Chhotu told Faking News.

Convinced that it was the dream abandoned by Rahul Gandhi, Chhotu picked up that wig-like thing and went back home. He immediately slept off to see the dreams of Rahul Gandhi.

Just after fifteen minutes of sleep, Chhotu woke up laughing like crazy. Last time he had laughed so hard was when he was diagnosed with a virus called SidhhuPuranSingh. Faking News waited for him to stop laughing, which took an hour, after which Chhotu recounted his experience.

“For a change I had a colorful dream, else all my earlier dreams were in black and white,” Chhotu started on a somber note, “I also saw myself eating pizza while getting a haircut in Honolulu, and boy, the Prime Minister brought me the cheesy dip!”

“Suddenly, the mirror in the hair cutting salon started showing a cartoon movie and the barber started singing ‘golmaal hai bhai sab golmaal hai’ – I couldn’t understand what was happening,” he recalled.

“I knew it was a song from the movie Golmaal, but somehow I, dreaming as Rahul Gandhi, started lungi dance on the song,” Chhotu had a big grin on his face, and he started laughing again recounting his dream, “And once I started lungi dance, suddenly everyone else in the salon started dancing with me, and they included Digvijay Singh, Ashok Gehlot, and some other people I see on TV regularly.”

“The only person not dancing was the barber, who suddenly switched off the music, pushed me into the chair, and tonsured my head completely. I was looking so funny when I went bald!” Chhotu described his most absurd dream till date, “And that is when I wore this wig and my dream ended.”

Faking News consulted a dream interpreter to find out what exactly Chhotu saw and experienced.

“The part about haircut and PM bringing cheesy dip is self-explanatory, and so is the Golmaal song and everyone dancing with Chhotu, I mean Rahul,” Nindiya Sharma, the dream interpreter said, “Rahul Gandhi losing all his hair means inclusive growth, or lack of it, where every strand of hair is of the same length, and the wig is the Right to Hair bill that comes after inclusive hair-fall.”

“No idea about lungi dance,” Nindiya said.