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Popular personalities views on how the next RBI governor should be after Raghuram Rajan

25, Jun 2016 By palash tandiya

As the exit of Raghuram Rajan has attracted attention of people and media across the countries, speculation about the next governor is at all time high. Some popular personalities have shared views on the next RBI governor to a media house. Their views are as follows

Trupti Desai:

trupti desaiShe says “A woman should be the next RBI governor, as no woman has been made the governor after Independence”. She accused govt. of being misogynist, and further said “Govt. doesn’t allows women to enter in governor’s office, they think women as a curse for Indian economy, if they don’t make a woman as a RBI governor, then I will trespass governor’s office and sit in its chair.”


mayawatiShe said, “Govt. of india doesn’t elect a dalit as a RBI governor”. She accused govt. as anti dalit and said, “There must a reservation in RBI governor’s post to uplift backward and minority sections”. She said she is planning to make this as an election issue in the next UP election.

Subramaniam Swamy:

sub swamyHe said that he is demanding govt. to make a “Kattar hindu” as the next RBI governor. He further added, “India has always lacked a kattar hindu in governor’s position. A kattar hindu will only understand Indian economy, as India is an hindu dominant country and all Indians have hindu DNA.”

Rahul Gandhi: 

rahul-gandhi-churuHe said, “We need a governor who has Gandhi as a last name to uplift Indian economy. If Gandhi’s can rule India for 60 years, then why cannot a Gandhi be the next RBI governor.” He accused current government as anti-gandhi.