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Postman with ‘Gandhi’ surname forcibly made Congress district head

16, Oct 2013 By idiot420

Bahaarpur. In an attempt to control falling popularity of Congress in Bahaarpur district of UP, local party members have decided to go for a leadership change at district level.

As ‘Gandhi’ surname has been a unifying factor in Congress since ages, the local unit unanimously agreed to appoint Ramlal Gandhi, a postman of Phoolpur post office, as the new Congress district chief instead of choosing an experienced or youthful local leader.

Congress poster
Another set of party workers in neighboring areas had put up the above poster

However, Ramlal Gandhi is reluctant to join the party as he is afraid that he may have to face troubles from the party high command for promoting piracy of surname.

Local Congressmen are trying to convince him.

“He is completely unaware of his hidden powers; he doesn’t know what he can do as a Gandhi. We are just reminding him as Hanuman was reminded of his powers during Ramayan,” a Congress worker told Faking News.

“He just needs a little bit of brushing, that’s all. Other than that, he is almost perfect. Though he has no experience of politics, but he is a ‘Gandhi’, and that’s what we need,” he added.

Ramlal is currently under custody at party district office where he is undergoing a special training to ignite his powers. In the first module of the training process, he has been asked to dream as much as possible.

Dreams will help him become a visionary,” a party worker explained.

To make it more realistic so that it’s easier to follow his orders, party workers have renamed the street where Ramlal lives as Janpath road and his house is renamed from Shakuntala Nivas to 10 Janpath.

While the local leaders are confident that their efforts will do wonders, the step hasn’t gone down too well with the party high command. Local leaders have been served show cause notice for choosing a ‘fake’ Gandhi.

The party has further released a circular saying, “Hammari koi anya shakhaayein nahi hain (we don’t have any branches) – Gandhi Family.”