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Pranab Mukherjee happy he has to live like aam aadmi just for a month

26, Jun 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. No longer the Finance Minister of India and not yet the President of the country, Pranab Mukherjee is reported to be treading carefully for the next one month when he’d be virtually an aam aadmi or a common man left at the mercy of the government and the authorities.

Pranab Da is especially worried as he has also been given farewell by the Congress Working Committee and thus ceased to be a political entity, in his own words.

“I know how messed up the economy is, better than you,” Pranab Da told Faking News reporter, “And hence I am more worried about living my life as an aam aadmi than any other aam aadmi out there.”

Pranab Mukherjee
Pranab Mukherjee thinking if he should use Delhi Metro or DTC bus for traveling

Practically jobless for the next one month, the former Finance Minister immediately took out his calculator and found out if he had enough cash to survive in the National Capital Region without a government job and political post.

“Thank God I have the MP’s house and I’m not letting it go before I get the keys of Rashtrapati Bhavan,” Pranab Da said, “Real estate rates are too high and I can’t afford to rent or buy a decent house. Nor can I live in hotels as we are still on austerity drive.”

“And this Sheila Aunty raised the electricity rates the day I resigned!” the veteran leader pointed out, “With monsoon delayed like FDI in retail, we’ll have fans and AC switched on the whole day. The bijli bill will scare me more than the Lokpal bill!”

“Thank again for the MP’s bungalow and I don’t even have to worry about the electricity bill; don’t know why Tendulkar doesn’t want it!” he wondered.

Though relieved that he doesn’t have to pay rent or electricity bill, Pranab Da expressed disappointment that monsoon session of the Parliament was a few weeks away, which will make it difficult for him to have food at the Parliament canteen at subsidized rates.

“I know how costly food items are,” he said, sounding worried over rising prices for the first time.

“Sharad Pawar ji will retire as the ICC President this weekend; maybe he will take care of agriculture after that,” hoped the former Finance Minister, often blamed by Pawar for rising food prices.

Like a middle-class unemployed common man, a worried Pranab Da then went on to compare his situation with his rival PA Sangma, who too has been practically jobless after having resigned from his party to contest Presidential elections.

And like an aam aadmi, Pranab Da then felt happy that his own situation was not as hopeless as Sangma’s.

“Poor Sangma has to keep on calling various persons to seek support for his candidature. God! That itself will push the telephone bill too high, given that I had increased the service tax in the last budget! Thank God I called everyone, including Advani ji, from the office phone,” Pranab Da said.