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Prashant Bhushan to give home tuition to judges so that they come up with correct verdict

22, May 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. Upset with the judgment meted out to Arvind Kejriwal by Patiala Court Judge, eminent lawyer and AAP leader Prashant Bhushan has decided to coach misguided judges of this country, so that they can come up with correct verdicts.

Junior Bhushan claimed that Magistrate Gomati Manocha had erred in his judgment and judges like him needed to be taught law all over again. He also said that that he was ready to do his bit by giving home tuition to such judges, and would offer this service for free.

The man knows his shit!
The man knows his shit!

“First Somnath Bharti, then cases against Ashutosh and company, and now jail to Kejriwal – judges of this country are erring too often. We need to make sure such incidents don’t occur again as we are trying to save democracy,” the AAP leader and Supreme Court lawyer argued.

“An honest law offender ought to be treated differently. Laws can sometimes be overlooked to ensure favorable justice to offenders with high integrity,” he explained how law was not being applied properly by the courts and the justice system was being compromised.

According to Prashant Bhushan, an honest lawyer’s argument and wisdom should be given more weightage than a judge’s verdict in select cases. He also felt that a customized law was the need of the hour.

“In this particular case, we and Arvind believe that Gadkari ji is chor, and thus when a person with noble intentions says so, belief should take precedence over evidence in the court,” he explained.

Since most of the judges in the country appear to discount such arguments, the AAP leader has decided to reform them by offering tuitions. Interested judges could come to his house, where such “kaanooni sabhas” will be held and judges will be taught to do justice.

When a reporter pointed out that Kejriwal was not arrested for calling Gadkari a chor, but because he refused to furnish a bail bond, AAP leader said, “Either you are with us or with Gadkari.”