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Prime Minister already programmed to meet Nawaz Sharif, can’t be stopped

28, Sep 2013 By idiot420

New York, USA. After back to back terror strikes in Jammu & Kashmir, pressure is mounting on the Government of India to cancel any meeting between the Indian Prime Minister and the Pakistani Prime Minister. However, sources tell Faking News that this could be next to impossible.

“Dr. Manmohan Singh was programmed to meet Nawaz Sharif before he left India. We didn’t know terror strikes in India would take place after he left. Now we can’t do much as he has already left,” a government source revealed “Right now he is programmed only to shake hands and say theek hai when he meets Nawaz Sharif.”

Dr. Manmohan Singh
Receiving signals?

The source further explained that the program can be modified only by Sonia Gandhi, who is in India at the moment.

“The operating system allows administrator logins after recognizing fingerprints, and only Madam Gandhi has the admin rights to login and modify the installation,” the source explained.

“Rahul Gandhi too has admin rights,” the source clarified when this reporter asked, “However, he used to play games after logging in and do nothing else. maybe his recent mood suggests that he could execute a few other applications too, but even he is in India and not in US.”

When asked why remote admin access was not activated, the source said that the government feared hackers getting into act if remote access or network features were enabled.

“People sympathetic to the opposition are quite active as trolls and hackers in the virtual world, hence we didn’t take any chances where the program could be altered and Manmohan Singh could end up saying anything against Rahul Gandhi ji or Madam Gandhi,” the source explained.

Recounting a past incident, another government source divulged that once Manmohan Singh sat in his room without doing anything for 7 days in a row, as Sonia Gandhi had forgotten to program him and went on a foreign trip.

For now, the only option available to the government is to send Sonia Gandhi to US on pretext of regular medical checkups. High command is yet to take a final call on it.

Meanwhile BJP has offered help by proposing to send its Rambo on US mission to stop the pre-programmed Robot. However, the mission is already in jeopardy due to Visa issues.