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Prime Minister is notional, does not exist, claims Kapil Sibal

07, Jun 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. In a shocking claim about the head of the Council of Ministers, the two-in-one cabinet minister of telecommunications and HRD, Kapil Sibal has claimed that the post of Prime Minister in India was “notional” and in reality Prime Minister did not exist.

However, Mr. Sibal clarified that it didn’t mean that there was no government in India or there was no individual called Dr. Manmohan Singh.

“Of course there is a government and there is an order of law in this country,” Sibal said in a press conference which was boycotted by all shoe-throwers of the country. “But if you ask about Prime Minister, well, it’s a notional post. We realized that duties of a Prime Minister could be discharged even without having one.”

Kapil Sibal
Kapil Sibal looks at a journalist who appeared unconvinced about his assertions

Sibal further disclosed that National Advisory Council (NAC), the group of advisors that gives some direction to the Council of Ministers in absence of a real Prime Minister, had even proposed to do away with the post of Prime Minister as part of the “austerity drive” and save the government myriad expenses like PM’s salary and PMO’s electricity bills.

“It was an excellent and practical suggestion! But it would have needed some fundamental changes in constitution before implementation. BJP, the notional opposition party, might not have agreed for this constitutional change so we decided to continue with one,” Sibal informed, reiterating that the country and the cabinet could function even without a Prime Minister.

When asked by Faking News about Dr. Manmohan Singh, who is widely regarded as the Prime Minister of India, Sibal confirmed that Dr. Singh existed and was part of the government.

“Dr. Singh is the Chairman of the Planning Commission, an extra-constitution and non-statutory body like NAC,” Sibal informed, “That’s a real post, and is often referred to the Prime Minister of India by the constitution and media.”

Sibal, however, refused to draw parallels between Sonia Gandhi, the Chairperson of NAC and Manmohan Singh, the Chairperson of Planning Commission, arguing that the duties and responsibilities of both were “fundamentally different”.

“He makes Five-year plans,” Sibal clarified about the duties of Dr. Manmohan Singh.