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Prime Minister’s speech on 15th August to have a treasure hunt clue

14, Aug 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Sources say that the speech delivered by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh after unfurling the national flag at Red Fort, will have a clue that could lead to a hidden treasure. The treasure is worth around 10 crores, and it could be hidden in any part of the country.

“Among many announcements such as free mobile phones to the BPL families and free cycles for minorities, there will be a treasure hunt clue that will lead to discovery of 10 crore rupees by an aam aadmi!” a PMO source told Faking News.

Shocked to hear that there could be a payout of 10 crore rupees without any preferential treatment to any disadvantaged community, Faking News reporter checked with the source again if indeed there was a scheme where every Indian had equal chance of winning the treasure.

Manmohan Singh
Dr. Manmohan Singh wishing everyone the best for treasure hunt

“Yes, anyone can win it! And there will be no corruption too,” the source claimed, “No bureaucrat or PMO official has any insider information on where the treasure is hidden in the country.”

Shocked with such highly preposterous and implausible statement, Faking News decided to dig further and concluded that this could be a gimmick by the PMO. Though we can’t confirm, our editorial team believes that the announcement of a hidden treasure is aimed at making people listen to the Prime Minister’s speech carefully.

Generally people lose track of PM’s Independence Day speech within a couple of minutes as their focus shifts to the bulletproof glass, the bodyguards in the background, or the dirt around their TV.

“Also, this year, PM faces competition from Salman Khan, whose new movie Ek Tha Tiger is releasing on the same day, and Amitabh Bachchan, who launches the sixth season of the quiz show Kaun Banega Crorepati, therefore a treasure worth 10 crore has been introduced,” said Atul Mehta, an expert on everything who often consults Faking News.

However, government sources insist that the news is genuine and there indeed would be a treasure hunt clue in Manmohan Singh’s speech.

“The challenge is to identify that part of the speech, which is the clue, and hear it clearly,” the PMO source said, “and then apply one’s mind and find the treasure.”

While Faking News and many experts doubted the veracity of the announcement, it has already turned into a political controversy.

Baba Ramdev has claimed that government was converting 10 crore of black money into white through this treasure hunt, while Mamata Banerjee has warned of the consequences if the treasure was found by any Maoist or CPM supporter.

“This is all a drama and I had predicted it,” Subramanian Swamy claimed, “They have fixed this treasure hunt game. Rahul Gandhi already knows where the treasure is, and he will find it before anyone. Congress will then project him as an intelligent person.”

As always, BJP has demanded the resignation of Manmonah Singh.