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Prison officials seek transfer to Parapana jail after hearing Sasikala offering 2 crores in bribe for special food

16, Jul 2017 By RT

Tihar. Prison officials from the jail sought transfer to Parapana jail in Bangalore after hearing about Sasikala offering 2 crores in bribe for a special kitchen and special food. In the transfer application, some of the officials have highlighted their cooking skills in the additional information section, it is learnt by Faking News.


“I have been in this jail for the past 10 years. A lot of high profile convicts are staying here. None of them offered anything more than rs. 50,000 towards the petty favours we facilitate. Rs. 2 crores for providing special food and a special cell is something huge. I am personally ready to cook for her when and if I am getting a transfer to Parapana jail”, one senior officer from Tihar jail told Faking News.

“This lady does not seem to transact in anything less than a crore. I have a grand plan. For every day facilities, I will consolidate the bill for the Goods and Services provided along with the GST. I will obey the law of the land and make sure the government gets the tax benefit out of these deals. I have already communicated my offer to Sasikala, with a sample bill. For someone who would not be fazed by large numbers, she was shocked to see the amount quoted in GST”, another strict prison official told Faking News.

“The reports of our leader offering rs. 2 crores in bribe is totally baseless. The accusation is done without the fact checks and deliberately and prematurely made for attention seeking. We have personally asked our leader in one of our many daily visits. Sipping a modest portion of fruit juice made from imported apples, our leader laughed at the charges. It is to the tune of 10 crores, she said. If anything is disproportionate, it is the price of the juice in this case”, a visibly irked spokesperson of one of the many ADMK factions told Faking News.

Meanwhile, a large number of prisoners also asked to be transferred to the Parapana jail after learning of the facilities on demand model, it is now learnt by Faking News.