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Priyanka Gandhi picks up glass to drink water, reminds everyone of Indira Gandhi who used to do the same

07, Feb 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has created quite a buzz since she joined politics, primarily due to her nose which resembles the nose of the former Indian Prime Minister and her grandmother Indira Gandhi. Earlier today, she once again reminded everyone of her grandmother again when she picked up a glass to drink water, just like Indira Gandhi.


The incident happened during one of her meetings at the Congress HQ where some leaders from Eastern Uttar Pradesh had come to brief her about latest developments in the area. Halfway through the meeting, she yawned, picked up a glass and drank some water. The assembled Congress leaders in the meeting room were stunned, as it is the same way Indira drank water, by picking up a glass.

Speaking to Faking News, a Congress leader said, “Today it has been confirmed that she really is Indira 2.0, when she picked up that glass, it was like we were back in the 70s with Indira Ji sitting there instead of Priyanka Ji. Old timers have told us how Indira Ji always drank water after picking up the glass and today we saw her successor doing the same. It was a privilege to be in that room watching her do that.”

“So far we had thought that she only looks like Indira but today she proved that her actions also match the former great leader of our party. This will really enthuse the party workers as they now know that Indira is back among us. We will advertise this act of picking up a glass everywhere so that voters are also aware of it,” he added.

Meanwhile, Taimur Ali Khan was feeling a bit ignored as 50% of the reporters capturing his every move shifted to Delhi to cover Priyanka’s every move.