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Priyanka Gandhi planning to hire Manmohan Singh to teach Vadra the art of handling humiliation

22, Apr 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. Defending her husband Robert Vadra against land grabbing allegations, Priyanka Gandhi today blamed opposition for making false charges and said Robert was feeling very humiliated, as he was not mentally as strong as Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who has shown immense capability to put up all kinds of humiliations – whether from insiders or outsiders.

“The way opposition is treating my husband, it’s not fair at all. For god’s sake, he wears pink pants; such a soft-hearted private citizen he is!” said an upset Priyanka lashing out at BJP leaders.

Vadra Manmohan
Robert Vadra learning the art of getting humiliated and yet being chilled about it

“They are habituated of targeting Manmohan ji, so they think it’s okay to target my husband with such harsh words. But BJP should understand that everyone has their own capacity. So when it comes to humiliating, BJP can’t be so brazen in their attack on my husband,” Priyanka added further.

Political experts are not at all shocked at Priyanka’s comment, as she had earlier praised Manmohan Singh and had called him super PM.

“This shows why Priyanka Gandhi respects Manmohan Singh so much. She is highly impressed by Dr Singh’s quality of not minding being humiliated. In fact, entire Congress appreciates the Prime Minister for this quality, because of which he was rewarded with a second term. Many Congress leader look up to him as a source of inspiration, especially after Rahul Gandhi publicly called his cabinet’s decision a complete nonsense,” explained a well known political analyst working for a leading news channel.

“He is captain cool of the UPA government,” the analyst added.

Sources tell Faking News that a few days back, Priyanka Gandhi saw Robert Vadra sobbing and kicking the ground in middle of a football stadium sized land that he bought recently.

Vadra was perturbed because of BJP leader Uma Bharti’s threat of sending him to jail if Modi became the Prime Minister. Priyanka got emotional and upset seeing he husband so weak, and she immediately asked Manmohan Singh to console Vadra.

“It was that midnight, when Manmohan Singh taught him the first lesson of handling humiliation. Dr. Singh asked Robert vadra to say ‘Theek Hai’ whenever someone accuses him of anything,” revealed a source close to Gandhi family.

Party insiders say that Priyanka is mulling over the option of hiring Manmohan Singh as a full time personal trainer for Robert Vadra, once Dr. Singh retires from the post of Prime Minister next month.