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With Prohibition already in place, Bihar govt decides to stop water supply on 2nd Oct to celebrate dry day

17, Aug 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Patna: The jury is out on whether the prohibition in Bihar has worked or not. The Nitish Kumar government feels that prohibition has led to more women participating in the election process, fewer incidents of domestic violence and crime against women. Though the latest shelter home rape cases have exposed the govt findings. One problem the prohibition law has caused is that of celebrating Dry Day on important occasions like Gandhi Jayanti on 2nd October. But Nitish Kumar seems to have found a solution for that too. Yes, Bihar government has decided to stop water supply throughout Bihar to celebrate the dry day.


The prohibition law, which Nitish’s government brought within six months of coming to power in 2015 was only one, though perhaps the most potent, of the elements of his strategy to create and nurture a political constituency among women. And now with an innovative way of celebrating Dry Day, Nitish is really making everyone happy. There are strict orders to all municipal corporations to stop water supply from 0000 Hrs on 2nd October. Any corporation found supplying water will be strictly dealt with and the same punishment will be given which is given to the bootleggers in the current scenario.

Citizens have been told to store extra water on 1st October so that they don’t face issues on 2nd October. Any person found drinking water in public will also be given warning. This seems to be a great decision for the chai lovers in Bihar as on 2nd October they will get pure-milk tea, which is a rarity nowadays. Gravies in restaurants will be without water and use of tissue paper in restrooms will be encouraged on 2nd October.