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R.K. Nagar residents need not submit income proof for loans, banks in Chennai declare after the declaration of by-election

17, Dec 2017 By RT

Chennai. R.K. Nagar residents need not submit income proof for loans, banks in Chennai have declared after the declaration of by-election by the Election Commission. The residents who are eligible to apply for the loans are eligible to vote and therefore will be rich in cash, the local banks have reasoned with the promotional offer.

The personal loans are normally approved for salaried people with good credit score. Also, for the businessmen with enough assets as collateral. When it comes to an election constituency in Tamilnadu, every adult with voting rights is exempted from the eligibility screening. Especially in R.K. Nagar, the personal loans have no ceiling, it is learnt by Faking News.

“The beauty of a Socialist Republic is to make all her citizens feel rich. Being the most populous democracy in the world, we make all our citizens feel extremely rich, during elections. Cash for vote is almost a thing of past now. Everything for vote is the new rule of democracy. In R.K. Nagar, there are as many as 25 techniques used to distribute gifts for votes. So, the residents have 25 options to pay back the loan to us. We are not worried. These are our golden customers and this is a golden season” one of the bank officials told Faking News.

“Per capita income of an average Indian is 10 times lesser compared to that of people living in a constituency where elections are announced. The spirits of true democracy is exhibited only during the elections. All are treated equal and the cash reaches everyone without fail, unlike other government schemes. I myself am planning a holiday after the elections” an R.K. Nagar resident and a banker told Faking News.

Meanwhile, as many as 50000 citizens from different parts of Chennai have applied for an Voter card address change within R.K. Nagar as they all recently moved in to the richest constituency in the country, it is learnt by Faking News.