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RaGa is a skilled administrator and a mellifluous orator, but in a parallel universe, claims philosopher

16, Apr 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

New Delhi: Renowned philosopher and sociologist Dr. Jasjeet Jagan has claimed in his recent book on Rahul baba that he is a proficient administrator and a mellifluous orator. The book is titled – “The full blood prince – Truest story ever told”.

Although according to a rumor spread in media, in this book he is apparently not talking about Rahul baba from our world but about his counterpart-clone in a parallel world in another dimension. Our reporter met Dr. Jagan for a short interview, at his farmhouse, to clarify this matter.

Reporter: Namsate Dr. Jagan

Dr. Jagan: Howdy.

Reporter: Sir you have recently written a book “The full blood prince – Truest story ever” on Rahul baba and made some significant claims about his talents. There were news reports in some parts of media that in this book you were actually not talking about Rahul baba from our world but about his counterpart in a parallel universe. Which seems right since our Rahul baba is talented but not to the extreme you have taken him to. But upon reading this book I see that you have not mentioned anywhere that you are actually talking about a parallel universe. It all looks like you are talking about our universe and our Rahul baba. Can you please clarify this?

Dr. Jagan: Well yes, this book is now available as an e-book also, please buy some copies on e-comm websites also.

“Yeh hain hi nahi is duniya ke”

Reporter: Yes I will do that, but please answer my question. Where does it mention in the book that you are talking about a parallel universe and not about our universe?

DJ: There’s the disclaimer on the 5th page in the book, just after the preface.

Reporter: Can you please show me? [Reporter showed a copy of the book to Dr. Jagan] DJ: Here it is, perhaps the font is very small since it’s just a disclaimer.

Reporter: Still, can’t see it. This page is blank.

DJ: Oh yeah, … seems like disclaimer has been smudged in this copy of the book.

Reporter: This does not seem like a smudge, it’s a smooth surface.

DJ: Oh then it is possible that the disclaimer might not have been printed in some copies of the book. Some publishers I tell you, they are very reckless.

Reporter: Sir, I have checked 4 copies of your books from 4 different stores, I have even bought the e-book version of your book from internet, can’t see the disclaimer in any of these copies.

DJ: Oh Rahul … I mean Oh God, you are just after my life on this disclaimer, … can we please move onto the next question?

Reporter: Ok let’s talk about the concept of parallel universes. How were you able to look into a parallel universe and describe its details? Even modern science only has just theories about parallel universes.

DJ: Well I was not able to look into it, I just dreamed about it. I truly believe Rahul baba is a golden prince with extreme talents. He is a proficient administrator and a mellifluous orator. He is the savior this country has needed since dark ages. And he is going to return soon.

Reporter: Wait a second. You are talking about his counterpart in a parallel universe … right?

DJ: Yes, yes that’s what I mean.

Reporter: It is also being said that this parallel universe is being called Narnia. Is that right?

DJ: What rubbish. There is no parallel universe.

Reporter: What? There is none? You said there is one.

DJ: There is, but it’s not called Narnia

Reporter: What is it called then?

DJ: Nothing

Reporter: It’s called “nothing”?

DJ: No no, it’s just … I have not given it any name as yet. Why are you so much after this parallel universe. Just accept my book as it is, as truth.

Reporter: But the fact, that what you are saying is applicable to our universe or to another, does make a huge difference. Doesn’t it?

DJ: You know what. I do not intend to answer any more questions from you. Please leave.

Reporter: But Dr. Jagan …

DJ: Enough! Security!!

[Post-Script] Dr. Jasjeet Jagan refused to answer any more questions and had his security escort our reporter out of his farmhouse. Our reporter’s camera and mobile was also confiscated although he did not take any pictures at all. These gadgets were returned later after deleting all the contents.