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Rahul advises Kejriwal to declare Somnath Bharti a “complete nonsense”

23, Jan 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. After learning a lot from Arvind Kejriwal as he had promised after recent assembly elections debacle, Rahul Gandhi has offered a piece of advice to Kejriwal as Guru Dakshina.

Sources tell Faking News that Congress Vice President has asked the Delhi Chief Minister to play safe and declare Somnath Bharti a “complete nonsense” person to save the day for the party and himself.

Somnath Bharti
Will he be junked on Rahul’s advice?

As per Congress insiders, Rahul Gandhi couldn’t stop himself from helping Arvind Kejriwal after seeing his source of inspiration being targeted from all side due to Somnath Bharti’s actions.

“Rahul ji is a very helpful person, especially when it comes to helping an aam aadmi. Besides that, he is an expert in turning situations upside down, like he did earlier in the ‘Ordinance’ matter. Kejriwal should take his advice seriously,” disclosed a Congress party member on conditions of anonymity.

The Congress leader pointed out that the usual method of AAP of terming an unpopular view as “personal opinion” won’t work here and Kejriwal will have to take it to the next level – the “complete nonsense” level.

“Kejriwal is anyway fond of press conferences. So he should call a press conference and declare Bharti a complete nonsense person. In fact, if he takes Somnath Bharti to police all by himself, it will have even better effect,” the Congress leader suggested.

Political analysts too believe that Rahul Gandhi’s advice is worth giving a shot for the Aam Aadmi Party.

“One one hand it will give AAP a much needed face saver, and on the other hand it will catapult Kejriwal’s image a no-nonsense and 180 degree flexible leader; in sharp contrast of being an autocratic leader that AAP leaders like Binny accuse him of being,” argued an analyst.

“No, this will not be seen as another U-turn if he removes Somnath,” the analyst quickly added.