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Rahul baba says I have full faith in Judiciary; they can solve case without me, so I need not go to court

10, Dec 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

New Delhi: National youth icon Rahul Gandhi who is just back from land surveying in Chennai has issued a very respectable statement for Hon’ble judicial system of India.

Rahul Gandhi gives 2 hoots to what BJP thinks about the National Herald case
Rahul Gandhi gives 2 hoots to what BJP thinks about the National Herald case

He has said since he has full faith in Judiciary that they can solve all cases without his help, he need not even appear in court in National Herald case. He insisted that he doesn’t wish to interfere with court proceedings hence he will stay out of the court during the hearing of the case.

Addressing a very small micro rally outside his residence Rahul baba smiled for a few minutes and then took mic in his hand.

He said, “During the last few days I have been missing out on personal time for many months now. Hence for next few days I will be on re-creation trips, mostly to east-Asian countries as I love their climate. I can no longer give time to court cases etc. Moreover I have full faith in our judicial system that they can solve all cases without my intervention hence I need not even go to court.”

After smiling and waving his hand in oblivion for 2 minutes baba again started to speak, “When I told Vadra Jiju that I will be going to survey Chennai, he was very interested. Like me he is also a man who has his roots in the soil, in the ground. He loves the lands, like I do. So we both went there and now we are tired. So even he won’t go to court. Infact he will never even go to a jail, because he has full faith in our jail system that they can keep the matters under control without him being in jail.”

Rahul baba then blessed the crowds and started to walk away but suddenly a sharp object kept on stage pricked his left foot and he cried in anguish.

Immediately a few party leaders ran towards him with slippers and after fighting amongst each other one of them was able to help him into one of his slippers.

According to eye-witness accounts even his feet were washed and the water with which his feet were washed was later bottled, packed and dispatched to party head-office.