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Rahul Gandhi adopts dalit child on Father’s Day, Mayawati furious

19, Jun 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

Mainpuri. On his birthday that also happens to be Father’s Day, Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi has declared that he’d adopt a dalit girl child and become her foster father. Rahul has adopted the same eight-year-old girl, with whom he had ridden a buffalo around three years ago while on his expeditions to Uttar Pradesh to discover the other India. The girl’s name is Maya Kumari.

“Our office received a fax from Switzerland, where Rahulji and Soniaji are currently holidaying, apprising us of Rahul Baba’s decision. Little Maya’s father had passed away in her childhood and her mother had tough time raising her; she even resorted to selling her to a rich man in Ambedkarnagar. Mayawati government didn’t help her at all so our party decided to step in,” local Congress leader Sapna Merchant informed.

According to Sapna, Little Maya will now fly to New Delhi with Congress general secretary and live with Rahul Gandhi at his official residence. She will also get to study in the best of the schools and colleges in India and abroad. Rahul has promised to her that her dream of becoming a nuclear scientist will get realized one day, and he’d be a proud father then.

Rahul Gandhi holding a child
Rahul Gandhi’s love for children, a newsworthy piece of information that could be linked to Chacha Nehru, could now come into limelight in the mainstream media following the latest decision by Rahul.

While Congress claims that the whole village is happy with this good news, reports suggest that a few villagers were unhappy with what they called “preferential treatment” given to one child. It should be noted (refer to this report) that Rahul Gandhi had gone on a buffalo ride with two kids, the other being equally unfortunate to be living in poverty.

“Why was the other kid, the boy Naram Yadav, left to fend for his own? Rahul made use of him when he wanted to ride a buffalo and now he doesn’t even care to visit his house. Why this special treatment to Maya? This is politics of the worst kind,” Shishupal, an angry villager claimed.

Not only villagers like Shishupal, Rahul’s apparently benevolent act has riled even Mayawati, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. Maya has accused Rahul of being a ‘naatakbaaz’ like Mahatma Gandhi, who had no genuine intentions to help dalits. She further claimed that the whole act was a conspiracy to defraud dalits of their rights and identity.

“This dramabaaz Gandhi has deliberately chosen my namesake to insult me and hence the whole dalit community. He wants to finish dalits! Now that dalit girl will no longer remain a dalit because caste of a person is the same as his or her father’s caste. In essence, Rahul Gandhi has only reduced the population and weakened the strength of dalits,” Mayawati alleged.

Mayawati also announced a “chheen lo” (snatch them) movement on this occasion asking all dalit families to take back their sons and daughters who might have been adopted or being raised by Congress workers in recent years.

But the government at center has rejected and ridiculed Mayawati’s allegations and lauded Rahul Gandhi for adopting a girl child. The union minister for Women and Child Development has announced a full page color advertisement in all the leading national dailies to appreciate Rahul’s noble act and message.