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Rahul Gandhi asks Anna to teach him tricks to become another Kejriwal

17, Dec 2013 By idiot420

Ralegan Siddhi. Bonding well with Anna Hazare after he suddenly discovered love for Lokpal, Rahul Gandhi has now asked the fast wizard to teach him tricks to become another Kejriwal.

“I had told you that we will learn from AAP’s success and do things that you can’t even imagine, but the truth is even I couldn’t imagine what to do,” Rahul Gandhi candidly told Faking News.

Rahul Gandhi
Possible new look of Rahul Gandhi

“That’s when I thought to ask Anna. Kejriwal will not share his secret recipe, so better to learn from the guru himself,” the Congress Vice President explained.

Sources say that Anna has agreed to help the youth icon. Apparently, he loves Rahul Gandhi’s speeches.

“I can’t say no to someone who is willing to learn,” Anna told this reporter, “He came to me and asked for a favor. To test if he was serious, I asked him to give that ‘Jupiter’ wala speech, and he immediately obliged. That’s when I agreed to help him.”

Sources close to Congress party say that Anna scolded Rahul for tearing away the ‘Convicted Leaders Ordinance’ without consulting rest of India.

“That’s complete nonsense, you shouldn’t have done that,” Anna is reported to have said, “If you want to become Kejriwal, you should think like Kejriwal. You should have consulted the aam aadmi. Everyone was calling it complete nonsense. You should have asked for missed calls and SMS, and then called it complete nonsense saying you were truly representing the aam aadmi.”

Rahul felt very low on self-confidence after Anna pointed out how he erred in his most dramatic press conference. But like a good mentor, Anna told him not to worry as he was ahead of Kejriwal in terms of social service.

“You have been bringing smiles and laughter to people through your speeches, and your track record of social service is better than Arvind’s who was just a civil servant doing nothing,” Anna is reported to have consoled Rahul, who immediately felt better.

Among other things, Anna also suggested Rahul to take some ‘Hunger Control’ lessons.

“Don’t run to dalit homes to eat foods, rather, do some hunger strikes,” was one of the guru-mantra Rahul received.

On advice of Anna, Rahul has also decided to give up wearing Kurta-Pyjama and is ready to shift to trousers and shirts, with a topi made out of erstwhile pyjama.